Reykjavik Flight Safety Symposium


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The Icelandic Airline Pilots' Association organises the annual Reykjavik Flight Safety Symposium. The next conference will be held on September 24th 2021 at Hotel Hilton Nordica. The venue opens at 9:00 for coffee and registration, and at 9:30 the event will begin with opening remarks.

This years speakers will be:

  • Guðmundur Kristjánsson is a project manager at Isavia ANS
    • Isavia ANS's Transatlantic Surveillance Corridor
  • Patrick Hudson is emeritus professor at Delft University of Technology in The Human Factor in Safety at the Department of Safety Science
    • Climbing the Safety Ladder - Per Ardura ad Astra
  • John Franklin is Head of Safety Promotion at EASA
    • Let’s talk about Tractors – doing something new
  • Helena Cunningham is Chairman of the IFALPA Safety Management Working Group (SMWG.)
    • Enhanced Flight Path Management
  • Ragnar Guðmundsson is an aeronautical engineer and investigator at the Icelandic Transportation Safety Board.
    • High risk of CFIT

You can read more about this years speakers here.

If you have any recommendations, suggestions, questions or comments, feel free to send us a line at The event is held in English, and admission fee is quite modest. Get your tickets here!

For our international guests: PROMO CODE available for Hotel Hilton Nordica, more info at

The event attracts, among others, air traffic controllers, pilots and people at administration level.


Recordings of the RFSS from previous years can be found here below:


In 2020, the RFSS was held on March 13th, right at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Iceland. The event, held at the Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, was therefore "moved" online.

The speakers that participated in 2020 were the following. By clicking their names you will be forwarded to a recording of their speeches:

  • Dr. Sara Barsotti of the Icelandic Met Office - Responding to explosive eruptions in Iceland: changes and improvements over the last 10 years
  • Dr. Rory Clarkson from Rolls Royce - Volcanic ash and aviation - 10 years from Eyjafjallajökull
  • Harry Nelson, a former test pilot for Airbus - Are we ready for the challenges of tomorrow?
  • Hlín Hólm, chair of NAT-SPG - NAT-SPG
  • Captain Antti Tuori, MD, from IFALPA’s HUPER committee - Pilot's health - risks and solutions
  • Ingvar Tryggvason - Chair of the FÍA Safety Committee


In 2019, the RFSS was held on April 11th, at the Hilton Reykjavík Nordica. The speakers that participated this year were the following. By clicking their names you will be forwarded to a recording of their speeches:

Here you can watch the entire symposium including some words from Jens Þórðarson (Icelandair), Jeroene Kruse (ECA) and final words from FÍA President, Örnólfur Jónsson.

Högni B. Ómarsson, FÍA's Secretary, moderated the event.



“Overview and introduction to satellite based air navigation in Iceland”

Arnór Bergur Kristinsson, Project Manager at Isavia

“Cyber threats”

Chris Johnson PhD, Head of Computing at the University of Glasgow

Recording not available.

“The history of contaminated air on aircraft and the solutions available”

“Why EBT?”

Arnar J Agnarsson, Training Captain at Icelandair

“Is resilience a valuable skill in aviation?”

Gitte Damm, Founder of “About Human Factors”

“Future of MET ANSP”

Theodór Freyr Hervarsson, Director of Business Development, Icelandic Met Office

Björn Sævar Einarsson, Coordinator for MET services, Icelandic Met Office


“Just Culture”

Oliver Ingenrieth, Safety officer, Air Berlin

“Occurance reporting”

Sólveig Ragnarsdottir, Flight Safety Analyst, ICETRA

“Volcano watch”

Sara Barsotti, Volcanic Hazards Coordinator, Icelandic Met Office

“Developing Flight Deck Challenges”

Chris Glaeser, Former Global Dir. of Safety IATA

“NAV/COM development in BIRD”

Sigurjón Jónasson, ICEATCA, ISAVIA

“New tools for investigators - New challenges”

Þorkell Ágústsson, ITSB