App and Social media

It is vital that FÍA members have easy access to information about the Association‘s work and matters that have to do with the work of professional pilots. Today‘s society offers a variety of ways to get messages across, and we at FÍA aspire to use the most common ones. Our website, emails, Facebook, and the FÍA newsletter are a part of this, but also we would like to emphasize our own personalized app, FÍA Mobile.

FÍA app
The FIA app has all the necessary information, such as meeting notes, Contract Labour Agreements, newsletters (which is now both in English and Icelandic), announcements regarding event and coursess, and messages to pilots from the board or the chairman. You can download the app for iOs on the App Store, and for Androids on the Google Play Store, simply search for "FIA mobile“.

Social media
As mentioned above, FÍA also has a Facebook site, which highlights major news or events, as well as other material related to the flight industry.