Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is one of FÍA's four Standing Committees. It operates on a professional level and deals with matters regarding the safety of pilots.

The Safety Committee is comprised of seven FÍA members that are appointed by the board of FÍA, but otherwise it operates independently. Each member of the Safety Committee has an obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive information they are made aware of in their work for the committee.

Safety Committee:

Jón Hörður Jónsson, chairman
Björn Ásbjörnsson
Brynhildur Ásta Bjartmarz
Daníel Holger Stefánsson
Matthías Ragnars Arngrímsson
Orri Eiríksson

Safety Committee email:

The Reykjavík Flight Safety Symposium

The Safety Committee organizes the annual Reykjavik Flight Safety Symposium. The next conference will be held October 2023, and tickets will be sold online.

The event attracts, among others, air traffic controllers, pilots and people at administration level.