24. may 2019

FÍA newsletter - now in English!

The FÍA newsletter is fresh of the proverbial press, and now completely bilingual! Read all about the upcoming elections for the Pension Fund board, and learn about what the Sickness Fund can do for you.

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30. apr 2019

Bicycle Repair Courses

The Education Fund (Starfsmenntasjóður) of FÍA, in collaboration with Iðan Education Centre, offers FÍA members a course on bicycle repairs – in preparation for the summer!

The first course is held on 8. May, suitable for beginners and those who haven’t been very active on the repair side of things. The latter is held on 23. May, aimed at those who are more advanced when it comes to repairs and also suitablefor those who participated in the first course.

In both courses we recommend that you bring your own bike.

If you are interested, you can sign up by clicking the links below – beware that the maximum for each course is twenty people so don’t leave it too long!

Bicycle Maintenance I
When: 8. May, 17:00-22:00
Where: Vatnagarðar 20, Reykjavík
Teacher: Helgi Berg Friðþjófsson
Course Description: The course will cover basic bicycle maintenance and upkeep. We’ll look at gear settings, brakes, and how to check bicycles to make sure they are safe to use.
We’ll go over wear surfaces, different gear-shifting systems and how they work, and different types of brake systems and how they work.

Sign-up by clicking here.

Bicycle Maintenance II
When: 23. May, 17:00-22:00
Where: Vatnagarðar 20, Reykjavík
Teacher: Helgi Berg Friðþjófsson
Course Description: The course will cover mountain bikes and how they are set up. We’ll go over shock absorbers, tubeless tire repairs and how to set these up. We’ll go over different kinds of tires, what they are best suited for and different benefits. We’ll go over repairing of the wheel and other aspects. The course is advanced, delving deeper into repairs.

Sign-up by clicking here.

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24. apr 2019

Calling for candidates for the Board of the Pension Fund

The EFÍA (FÍA Pension FUND) Election Committee is now calling for candidates to sit on the board of EFÍA for the 2019-2021 term of office.

Following an additional annual meeting of EFÍA last February, changes were made to the Fund‘s bylaws so that members of EFÍA will now vote for their board members directly.

According to articles 4.1 and 4.1a of EFÍA‘s bylaws, members of the fund shall vote for two board members and one reserve board member to sit on the board for a period of two years.

Those who wish to become candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a member of the EFÍA Pension Fund.
  • Be financially independent and have the required knowledge and job experience, according to article 31 of laws nr. 129/1997 regarding the mandatory ensurance of pension rights and operations of pension funds, and article 6 of the Financial Supervisory Authority‘s regulations nr. 180/2013, and the in general to meet the standards for qualification and fitness of board members, according to aforementioned laws, regulations of the FSA; and bylaws of the Pension Fund.
  • Be prepared to pass a qualification evaluation of the Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • Hand in candidacy papers within a given deadline.

Those who are interested can submit their candidacy by sending an email with the requested information (see EFÍA’s website), to the Election Committees email:

The deadline for handing in a candidacy is 17:00 o'clock on May 7th, 2019.

The Election Committee

The purpose of the Election Committee is to ensure that the members of EFÍA have the requisite grounds to make an informed decision when voting for board members. One of their roles is to manage the voting process, and to submitt a reasoned evaluation on the qualification of candidates regarding their fitness to be a part of the committee. The Committees evaluation is advisory.

The Election Committee will call for and review candidates in terms of qualifications and experience necessary to sit on the board of the pension fund and also to consider the combination of the board in terms of variety, qualifications, and experience.

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