Educational & Training Fund

In accordance with the bylaws and regulations of the FÍA Education & Training Fund (ETF), article 4.3, the board of the fund has established Rules of Procedure for distributing grants. These rules shall be a guideline when handing out grants, and should increase clarity for members who wish to utilize their rights as fund members. If a matter should arise where the Rules of Procedures are not in line with the bylwaws of the ETF, the bylaws should prevail. A fund member can always appeal decisions of the ETF to the board of FÍA, which has the final deciding vote regarding giving out grants.

Grants can be divided in two: Work related grants, and grants for recreational activities.

  • Work related grants can amount to max. 400.000 ISK, or up to 85% of the total cost.
  • Grants for recreational activities can amount to max. 50.000 ISK, or up to 85% of the total cost.
  • The maximum amount covers the period of the last 36 months, paid in proportion to the employment percentage of the applicant.

You can apply for one grant from the ETF over a 12 month period.

Grants from the ETF are not for courses or training that are a part of the pilots work, for example type rating or mandatory courses as described in the airlines’s training manuals.

Grants for vocational training can cover education or training that give further qualifications or authorisations. Vocational training (is. starfsnám) is considered to be a course that ends with a diploma, certificate or other official testimony that confirms that the training has been completed. Such a grant is given for both the academic side and the practical aspect of the training.

A grant for recreational activities covers all courses, education or lecturs that do not fall under the vocational training described above, but are expected to improve the qualifications and skills of members, even if they don’t come with added work qualifications. It should be noted that sports or athletic activities do not fall under this purvue. It is difficult to carve a niche for such activities under the ETF, and its contributions would need to increase significantly to cover such cost.

ETF lectures are not subject to the specifications here above, they can cover professional matters, hobbies, or be just for entertainment purposes. In general, the lectures should be given by professionals and open for all members. Members are encouraged to send suggestions regarding lecture topics, all suggestions will be reviewed and discussed by the ETF board.