08. apr 2022

FIA ​​condemns the government's business with Bluebird Nordic

FÍA, the Icelandic Airline Pilots' Association, condemns the fact that the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs has hired Blubird Nordic to handle the transport of goods, incl. military equipment, in relation to the war in Ukraine.

FÍA has repeatedly pointed out how Bluebird Nordic, which operates on the basis of an Icelandic air operating license and is thus subject to Icelandic law, has violated Icelandic labor legislation through social dumping and bogus self-employment, and ignores its Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) with FÍA.

In addition, Bluebird Nordic has completely ignored the decision of the Labour Court from 16 September 2021, and in doing so has made a serious attack on the constitutional rights of trade unions and the rights of workers in Iceland who work according to CLAs.

We must demand that Icelandic companies respect the law, Collective Labour Agreements, and decisions of the courts.

It is therefore completely unacceptable for the Icelandic government, who work on behalf of taxpayers,to do business with such a company.

FÍA has previously challenged regulators, authorities, and ministers to get involved in the matter and ensure that Bluebird Nordic complies with Icelandic law and court rulings.