Support and Wellbeing

Sickness Fund

Dermatological examination

Research has shown that pilots are at a higher risk for skin cancer than the general population, melanomas in particular. Húðlæknastöðin dermatological center offers special appointments for pilots, specifically advertised. Those who use such appointments will take part in a group study on the condition and development of pilots’ skin.

We recomend that FÍA members have an annual dermatological examination.

Hér is an article from the Húðlæknastöð, specifically aimed at pilots.

A dermatological examination is also available to EFÍA members due to the investigative interests of FÍA Sickness Fund members.

Blood samples

Blood samples are drawn at Læknasetrið’s research facilities at Þönglabakki, which is open Monday–Friday between 8:30–17:00. Pilots must announce their arrival in the reception and say that they have come for a blood test organised by FÍA. Pilots do not pay anything for their first visit, but if the conclusions must be followed up with more tests, they must pay their portion of the cost of further testing.

It is recommended that members have a blood test every 2–3 years.


The following tests are carried out:

  • Blood count (haemoglobin, etc.)
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar level
  • Liver function tests (ASAT, ALAT)
  • Kidney function tests (creatinine)
  • PSA (prostate cancer) for men over 50.

The results are sent by mail as soon as possible, along with recommendations on further action, if necessary. Results can also be obtained by contacting physician Sigurður Árnason by e-mail, or in the event of emergencies, by telephone, +354 860 0192.

Blood testing is also available to EFÍA members due to the investigative interests of FÍA Sickness Fund members.

Death support

The Sickness Fund provides financial support for funeral services for its members, their spouses or children. The FÍA pension fund also pays death benefits for EFÍA pensioners.


Members of EFÍA can have their dermatological tests and blood samples paid for by the FÍA Sickness fund.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

The Sickness Fund provides a grant to members who have to buy glasses or contact lenses.

  • The grant is a maximum of 90.000.- ISK
  • You can apply every 24 months, contact lense wearers should collect their receipts and submit a single application for each period.

A copy of the invoice shall be attached to the application.

Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

The Sickness Fund pays in full for Phonak ear plugs. Book an appointment with Einar Jón Einarsson, tel. +354 561 8500 (from 08Þ00-17:00) or by email and he will take measurements and order the plugs. The delivery time is 12 weeks. See more at the Heyrðu - Scandinavian Hearing website,

Hearing Aids

The FÍA Sickness Fund provides a grant to members who have to buy hearing aids. The grant covers costs of up to ISK 150,000, and applications can be made every 24 months.

Heart Examination and Stress Test

All members over the age of forty are encouraged to undergo a heart examination and stress test at Hjartavernd (the Icelandic Heart Association).

To book a free appointment, simply contact Hjartavernd, tel. 535 1800, and say that you are a FÍA member.

Cancer Test at the Icelandic Cancer Society (Krabbameinsfélag Íslands)

Women are encouraged to have a cancer screening every two years, a cervical swab as well as a breast examination for women over 40.

An appointment can be booked at the Cancer Society’s Cancer Detection Clinic, Skógarhlíð 8, Reykjavik, tel. +354 540 1919. Please specify that FÍA will pay for the screening when booking the appointment.

An appointment can also be made through the Cancer Society’s website by clicking the blue box on the left ("Panta tíma"), . It is suggested that female pilots have an examination every two years.

Laser Eye Surgery

The FÍA Sickness Fund supports members who undergo laser eye surgery. ISK 150,000 is paid for a surgery on both eyes.


It is recommended that people over the age of 50 undergo a colonoscopy.

You can book an appointment with gastroenterologist Jón Örvar Kristinsson by e-mailing
If no illness is found, and there is no family history of colon cancer, the examination does not have to be repeated for another 10 years.

Members are asked to pay the invoice and apply for a reimbursement through the application form on the FIA website after the appointment.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Sickness fund supports its members, their spouses, and children under the age of 18, with a maximum of five session with the following professionals:

Líf og sál psychologists' office:

  • Tel: +354 511-5508
    Email: Website:
  • When you book an appointment with Líf and sál, you must explain that FÍA should receive the invoice.
  • Please specify if the booking is for children, as Líf and sál has a contract with Sál (psychological and medical services for children and young people).

Rudólf Adolfsson psychiatric nurse

  • Tel: +354 821-1299
  • Specifies in trauma therapy
  • Invoice sent to FÍA

Other mental health professionals

  • Members can use whatever psychological service providers they please, but they must then pay for the services and apply for a refund, minus the tax.

Physical therapy and similar

You can apply for grant from the FÍA Sickness fund due to repeated musculoskeletal therapy session from a professionally acknowledged therapist, such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, therapeutic masseur, osteopathologist or chiropractor.

  • Maximum support per year is ISK 150.000.-
  • Taxes are deducted from the amount paid
  • Only therapy sessions are paid for

FÍA's Physician

FÍA’s physician, Dr. Hannes Petersen, does not have fixed working hours at FÍA, but those who wish to see him can contact FÍA’s office or email him at

Fertility Serives and Adoption

The Sickness Fund provides grant to members for fertility services (e.g. IVF, ovulation stimulation, assisted reproduction), whether they apply to themselves or their spouse. It also provides support in relation to adoption.

  • The grant amounts to ISK 50,000 and is paid up to three times per calendar year.
  • An adoption grant of ISK 150,000 is also available.


Sleep apnea

Members who suffer from sleep apnea and need to use a sleep ventilator can apply for a grant from the health and sickness fund to purchase the needed equipment.

The grant amount is ISK 150.000 and is paid once every 60 months.

The application must be accompanied by receipts for the purchase of the equipment and a doctors note confirming the member´s need for such equipment.

Major dental repairs

Members have the opportunity to receive a grant for out-of-pocket expenses due to major dental operations.

  • The fund pays 75% of the cost that exceeds ISK 150.000.
  • The grant is a maximum of ISK 300.000.
  • You can apply every 24 months.

For example, if an individual receives a bill for ISK 300.000 the grant will be ISK 112.500 which is 75% of ISK 150.000.

Grant for continuing sick leave

In cases where members complete the employers paid sick leave, they can apply for a grant for continued sick leave for a maximum of 3 months. The monthly grant amount is based on the average basic salary of FÍA pilots on the first scale of their employer.

The application must be accompanied by a statement explaining the illness as well as a note from the confidential doctor of the employer, FÍA or Icelandic Transport Authority which confirms and specifies illness period.